Birth and Postnatal Doula

Ruth Heard

My training as a Doula is with Jen Muir at Badass Birth, 2020, who works from a place of honesty and I choose to work with them as they are inclusive, up to date and forward thinking in the birth world.

What is a doula?

A doula is here to support, guide, comfort and help parents throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. Providing advocacy and informational support. Birth is unpredictable so we can work together to plan for all eventualities. I provide a safe and inclusive space for all women and birthing people. I believe any body can have a baby and your emotions, choices, and hopes for birth can be fully realised. It is your choice where you want to best use my services. Perhaps in the preparation for birth, support in labour during the birthing zone or in the postnatal period/the fourth trimester. Or perhaps for all of the above! Each birthing plan is unique and special to you. I will also support the birthing partner and discuss and nurture their role during each stage and stepping in only when you want me to.

Some stats on the benefits of hiring a doula!

• Reduction in the risk of C-section 25% with a support person 39% with a doula
• Increase in likelihood of a spontaneous birth 8% with a support person 15% with a doula
• Average labour pain rating 26% with a doula and 44.2% without a doula
• Feeling of coping during labour 60% with a doula 24% without a doula

My experience?

I am a qualified Prenatal & Postnatal yoga teacher and have a lot of knowledge on the anatomy of the body and supporting the birthing person through each pivotal point of pregnancy. My yoga classes will be included in my service to you aiding rest & recovery, bonding with baby, helping sleep, along with processing your birth experience and nurturing your postnatal body. We will use movement to connect with the all important pelvis, grounding through our feet and using our breath. I also offer you a recorded nidra to relax and connect with your baby in the womb which you can also use when they are earthside.

My training as a Doula is with Jen Muir at Badass Birth, 2020, who works from a place of honesty and I choose to work with them as they are inclusive, up to date and forward thinking in the birth world. My body has birthed two babies via emergency C-Section so have a lot of advice on this birth option and am happy to work through your choices with a planned or unplanned C. I champion both vaginal and abdominal births.

I am passionate about supporting fat birth and breaking down preconceived ideas and false information.
I am passionate about home birthing and free birthing and bringing your baby into the world as a united tribe.
I am passionate about supporting the black community from my white privileged position to conduct cultural sensitivity and advocate a duty of care.
I am shouting from the rooftops for positive births within our LGBT+ community and am here to support all birthing people. My pronouns are she/her/they/them.
I can offer you breast/chest feeding support along with pointing you in the right direction to your midwives, health visitors, peer supporters, helplines, websites and support groups.

What now?

Get in touch! Initially a meeting to see if I am the right Doula for you. If not then I will put you in contact with other Doulas in the area, if yes then we will put a package together to best suit your needs. I am based in Plymouth.

Remember, always, it is your body, your choice, your baby & your journey! I look forward to offering you the love and respect that you deserve throughout this exciting journey.

It is important to acknowledge that Ruth's yoga teaching is inclusive to every body of every size, every race, LGBTQ, able bodied, disabled, special needs and all ages.

I reached out to Ruth as I was worried about receiving a Strep B positive result and what it meant for birthing my baby. Ruth was a good listener and incredibly supportive. She helped me gain a better knowledge by finding information about my choices (I had choices!?) and talking me through it all. She also directed me to resources so that I could keep researching. With Ruth's help I was able to see that I had options. I felt calm and relaxed about my Strep B as I had all the facts. Thank you Ruth? Your support and help was intrinsic to the positive birthing experience that I had. Me and Woody are forever grateful.Doula review